Low Cost and Effective Heating Solution For Churches and Places or Worship

infrared for the churchWhilst we are fortunate to have many beautiful and historic places of worship in the UK, keeping them warm and welcoming can be a real challenge, not to mention extremely expensive.

Traditional convection heaters warm the air which then rises to the eaves of the building leaving the lower areas and the congregation cold.

Infrared Heating VS. Traditional Heating


As we know warm air rises heating the roof space and eaves of the building first and leaving the main area of the church cold. Heating the air in such a large space is very difficult and, as most of these buildings are listed, are very limited as to what can be done, making them virtually impossible to insulate. This is, of course, the reason why heating costs are so high.

Also, when using convector heaters you cannot heat just a small section or area inside a church meaning that you have to heat the whole space even if there are only a few members of the congregation sitting in the pews at the front near the altar or in the quire area.
FAR Infrared heaters are different, they do not heat the air directly. They radiate heat, warming the walls, floors, objects and most importantly the people.

They can be used to heat the whole building or as supplemental heating. Our FAR infrared heaters can be zoned so that you only heat the areas that you need, drastically reducing your energy costs and providing effective heating.

FAR infrared heaters are:

  • Easy to install – Plugin to a standard 13amp socket.
  • Controllable – Can be thermostatically controlled, on an automated timer or even via your mobile phone.
  • Provide Instant Heat – The heat can be felt immediately, no need to pre-heat the space hours in advance.
  • Scaleable – Start with one area and add more as required.
  • Unlimited Zones – Heat all or part of a space.
  • Silent in Operation – There are no moving parts.
  • 100% Efficient – The heat is directional so there is no heat wasted.
  • Maintenance free – No moving parts to go wrong and they come with a 5-year guarantee.
  • Clean and Safe – No naked flames or exposed ‘heating elements’. No fumes or smells.
  • Cures and Prevents Damp, Mould and Mildew.
  • Reduces Energy Costs – Huge saving can be made.
  • Lower carbon emissions – Lower energy use helps reduce your carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

How Do Infrared Heaters Work

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