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Hot Yoga – Improve Circulation and Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Workout

hot-yoga imageHot Yoga Improves the Circulation and Increase the Effectiveness of Your Workout

Yoga was born in India where the hot climate and humidity is constant – it was developed as a means to enhance the well being of the mind and body

A class will usually last for around 90 minutes and you will be taught all the health benefits and relaxation techniques to improve your  posture and breathing as well as a way to make a positive improvement on the mind and body.

A typical yoga course would run for nine weekly sessions. In this time you should feel an enhanced strength, increased flexibility, improved posture, mental clarity, a balanced, level blood pressure and improved ability to concentrate leaving fewer toxins and impurities throughout your body.

Hot yoga will help you sweat out the toxins from your body with stretching which increases your flexibility and improves the harmony within you making you calmer and more relaxed.

The classes are generally suitable for all ages and fitness and you will feel the benefit of working out in the hot room around 40°C degrees and with a humidity of around 40%, although this can be as high as 60%. The muscles , glands ligaments and joints will benefit for the oxygenated blood pumping around your body. Helping to reach and restore cells and keep your system working and giving you a healthy look and feel.

Rooms and chambers can be kept at a constant 40°C degrees with the use of Infrared panel heaters. Unlike traditional convection or blow heaters, they provide the room with a warm natural heat and this helps to ensure the best possible environment to practice yoga and to enhance the experience.

The benefit of choosing hot yoga, other than the physical flexibility and feeling if well being, is that it burns more calories than in a regularly heated room. It elevates your heart rate to make your body work harder in the heat and humidity therefore you experience a more intense workout.

You detox more, as your body has to work harder and helps to seat out more toxins out during a hot yoga workout.

It is both relaxing and a good way of combating stress as it helps focus the mind and develops better mental concentration and stress relief and can tone, and heal chronic pain such as arthritis, joint aches, knee injuries, back problems, and much more.


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