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FAR Infrared Mirror 600 watts 

Size  60cm x 90cm x 2.5cm

Watts – 600

AMPS 2.6

Area Heated up to 12 m2

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The Mirror Far Infrared panel heaters look stunning in any location and can be used to heat any room and make a great feature.

They provide a healthy heat and are very economical to run. A 600 watt panel will cover up to 12 metres square

Infrared heating uses Far InfraRed (FIR) technology – natural solar long waves – to create the effects of sunshine, without the harmful ultraviolet rays.

In the winter when you stand in the sunlight you feel warm, when you move out of the the sun then you feel the cold of the surrounding air. That is the effect of infrared heat. The air temperature is the same but there is a distinct difference in the heat that you feel.


FAR Infrared heat is healthy and can help allergy sufferers and those with asthma and other breathing related illnesses. Infrared heaters prevent mould, mildew, and damp and are perfect for heating older properties where proper insulation can be difficult.

They are not new and infrared lamps have been used to warm premature babies in incubators as well as in sports injury clinics for many years.

FAR Infrared produces heat at the same frequency as our bodies emit which is the reason that  people say that they experience a feeling of well-being when warmed by our IR panel heaters.

They are commonly used in yoga studios, sports and health centres and saunas where they have been used for many years for many different ailments.

They are also to keep the astronauts warm on the space station.

They help stimulate blood flow and improve circulation and have also been credited for improvements in people with arthritis and rheumatism as well as speeding up the mending process of broken bones and muscle injuries.

Improvements and advances in technology and manufacturing processes have enabled companies to produce these heaters on a much bigger scale making them affordable and ultra reliable with life expectancy to be in excess of 100,000 hours. 

Installation is easy and cheaper than any other heating system to install. Suitable for almost every situation and location. whether you are looking to supplement your existing heating or add additional warmth to certain areas of your home or business or even as a complete home heating system, Infrared heaters have the solution for you.

Size  60cm x 90cm x 2.5cm

Watts – 600

AMPS 2.6

Area Heated up to 12 m2

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