FAR infrared Panel Heater 600 watts

Size – 90cm x 60cm x 2.5cm

AMPS – 2.6a

Covers up to 12 m2

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This white infrared panel heater has a white frame and comes in variety of sizes.

The 60 x 90cm is t suitable for most rooms up to 12m². You can use multiple panels for larger areas

The panel can be used free standing supported on stands or wall mounted  and is supplied with all wall mounting instructions and templates included for the wall mounting.

Size -90cm x 60 cm x 2.5cm

Power : 600 Watts

Amps – 2.6 Amps

Area heated up to 12m2


Why Use Infrared Panel Heaters

Infrared heating uses Far InfraRed (FIR) technology – natural solar long waves – to create the effects of sunshine, without the harmful ultraviolet rays.
In the winter when you stand in the sunlight you feel warm, when you move out of the the sun then you feel the cold of the surrounding air.
That is the effect of infrared heat. The air temperature is the same but there is a distinct difference in the heat that you feel.
The reason is that, even though the air temperature is the same, the walls and ceiling radiate FIR waves from the outside sunshine during the summer, causing our bodies to be warmer.
With conventional convection heating – like central heating or a gas fire, for example – it is the air in the room that is heated and this is circulated around the room, creating cold spots and dust.



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