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FAR Infrared Heater 800 watts

Size 120cm x 60cm x 2.5cm

AMPS- 3.5a

Covers up to 16m2

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This white infrared panel heater has a white frame and comes in variety of sizes.

The 90 x 120cm is t suitable for most rooms up to 16m². You can use multiple panels for larger areas

The panel can be used free standing supported on stands or wall mounted  and is supplied with all wall mounting instructions and templates included for the wall mounting.


Size -90cm x 120 cm x 2.5cm


Power : 800 Watts

Amps – 3.5 Amps

Area heated up to 12m2


A low cost and efficient way to heat your home or business.

FAR Infrared panels provide heat that is as natural as the sun, gently heating the actual fabric of the objects in the room, the walls, floors, and ceiling keeping the room warm, at a regular and even temperature. Once the room reaches temperature the panel only comes on to ‘top-up’ the room periodically to keep the room warm and comfortable.

Unlike convection heaters which heat the air, our infrared panels heat the fabric of the room and objects in it, storing the heat which is then released slowly back into the room over time keeping the temperature even

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