Mobile Home Static Caravan Static caravans, lodges and holiday chalets can be chilly places in the Winter. The cost of fitting central heating to older units can often be too expensive to justify, given the amount of use they get throughout the year.

There is an option to fit electric wall panel heaters but they are pretty ineffective. Gas central heating can be fitted for between £1800 to £3000 depending on the size and type of unit. This is sometimes difficult to justify when the current value of the unit is constantly decreasing and adding central heating would not add as much value as it costs to fit.

Infrared Panel Heaters are the perfect solution. Cost effective, easy to fit and can be done by anyone that can handle a screwdriver and put a plug into a socket. Alternatively they can be free standing.

In caravans space is always of a premium and bulky radiators can be problematic to place effectively. With Infrared Panel Heaters that are slimline and can look just like a mirror or painting or plain panel this problem is solved.

So, why are Infrared panel Heaters ideal for caravans and lodges? Well they are inexpensive to run and extremely heat efficient.

If you use the gas fire to heat your caravan or holiday home, you will know that you can go through bottle after bottle of gas when the weather is cold and even then the gas fire only heats the main lounge. The bedrooms remain cold. Bottled gas can be expensive.

Infrared Panel Heaters cost a fraction to run compared to electric panel heaters and once fitted, you will only be using your gas for cooking and maybe hot water. The heating of your caravan, lodge or holiday chalet will be a fraction of the cost, thanks to your new slimline Infrared Panel heaters.

So, there’s no need to stay at home just because it’s a little chilly. No need to only visit your holiday retreat a few months of the year when it’s warm.

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