Practising Yoga provides a  variety of both physical and psychological health benefits. The addition of heat to a yoga session heightens and multiplies these benefits.

However, having the right type of heat is very important or these added benefits are lost. Blown air heaters for example, increase humidity, creating a stuffy environment and also circulates pollutants and allergens leaving people feeling stuffy, with sore throats as well as aggravating respiratory problems and allergies.

Infrared heaters do not heat the air directly and therefore do not affect the humidity of the room or increase the air flow.

There is a noticeable difference felt and appreciated by the students and instructors  alike, who work out in studios that are heated using infrared technology.


People report a feeling of well-being and come away from classes more refreshed, invigorated and revitalised. Many of our customers have seen a rapid growth in membership and attendees to their classes.

This is why our infrared heaters have now become the number one choice for yoga centres around the World. Infrastrip yoga heater

Our bodies emit FAR infrared heat and the ideal is between 3 and 50 microns and is known as ‘The Light of Life’ The Infrastrip yoga heaters work at the optimum frequency of between 8 and 14 microns which is why they have been credited for helping many ailments and injuries.

Infrared heat has been used for many years to help the immune system, speed the healing process of broken bones as well as tendon, tissue and muscle damage.

They also help to improve blood flow and stimulate circulation. Infrared heaters are also used in incubators of new born and premature babies, the latest saunas and even as the source of heating in the space station.

So, as well as providing warmth and comfort for the students, they are healthy, very effective, efficient and help keep costs down.

Unlike convector heaters which circulate warm air causing stuffiness and humidity, IR heaters do not alter the humidity, they work by emitting infrared light that is outside of our visible spectrum and by warming the walls, floor, and objects in the room as well as the people in the room.

FAR Infrared PSectrum

Infrared yoga heaters provide on-demand radiant heat in your studio. They are clean, do not circulate pollutants or allergens, have no fans, blowers or moving parts, are silent in operation, easy to install, programmable and controllable.

The infrastrip yoga heaters warm the space quickly and can be strategically positioned in the room for maximum affect and efficiency.

The heat is directional and as they do not rely on heating the air and as a result, you do not waste energy heating up the ceiling space.

They can be used to heat just the section of the studio  that you are using, making big savings over warm air blow heaters which also cannot be zoned.

Unlike conventional heating systems like forced air, fan heaters or radiators, our yoga heaters require no maintenance, and come with a full 5 year guarantee although they are expected to run for 100,000 hours or more.

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