Office Space

Office space wall mounted

Infrared panels are an ideal for heating office spaces, even large open plan spaces that can be hard to heat. Heat loss can be a big problem in large open spaces.

The panels can be fitted on the walls or ceiling mounted depending on the type and size of the office space.

Smaller panels can even be fitted under desks if needed and stands are also available.

Our 400 watt standard white panels are 60cm X 60cm and the same size as acoustic suspended ceiling tiles which means that the panels can be fitted strategically across the room, simply dropping into the ceiling frame. At just 400 watts per panel they are simple to wire in and the space can be heated in zones or as a whole. The nature of infrared heating means that you can have certain parts of the office kept warmer than others.

Infrared suspended ceiling panels

Heating the objects and people in the room rather than the air results in warm and happy staff as the space will not be affected by drafts caused by doors or windows being opened.

Cold spots in an office can also be heated using the panels for areas close to exits or hallways for example.

Another benefit is unlike blown air heating systems or traditional radiators, infrared panels do not circulate the air in the same way so there is a reduction in dust, pollutants and allergens. This is especially beneficial in offices where the windows cannot be opened to allow fresh air in.


Workshop and Garage

In workshops or garages where the doors are often open all the time are difficult to heat effectively.

Until now there has not been an effective way to heat the large areas in garages and workshops. Heating the air is not the ideal solution as most garages and workshops have high, uninsulated ceilings. Most of the heat therefore rises up and escapes through the roof.infrastrip in garage

Traditionally, propane gas hot air blowers, oil or wood burners are used but this can be very expensive especially the propane or butane gas bottles.

Using infrastrip heaters near the workstation allows you to keep the work area warm and unaffected by the cold air changes. You only have to heat the space or areas being used and the heaters work virtually straight away.

When you stand outside in winter the air is cold, yet when you stand in the sun, you feel immediately warm. The air temperature does not change, it is the infrared rays from the sun that keep you warm . This is exactly how the infrastrip heaters work. You are getting the warmth of the sun inside.

For more information on how these heaters work go to How Infrared Heaters Work.


Reception Area


reception area

Another area that can be hard to heat is reception areas. These are often large spaces with high ceilings and the doors being constantly opened and closed.

Installing an infrared panel on the ceiling or the wall behind the reception area will ensure that the staff are kept warm no matter how many times the doors are left open.