Were you affected by the Floods?

Are You Struggling To Dry Out Your Home Or Business After The Floods?

If so, you need to take a look at Infrared Panel Heaters!

It is imperative that the walls and floors in your property are completely dry before re-plastering and decorating if you do not want to suffer with damp, mould and mildew in the future.

Using fan heaters, electric fires or any form of convection heating is not a good way to dry out a flooded room and can cause severe damage to your property.

Convection heaters warm the air which, after a flood, will be moist. This increases humidity and causes condensation on the cold walls. Brick and breeze blocks are highly absorbent and act like a giant sponge and the moisture is sucked deep inside the walls, making it even harder to dry out.  A brick can hold up to one litre of water.

Drying out a wall too quickly using convection heating is not easy and needs to be done slowly. The first problem is that warm air does not easily penetrate the wall allowing the moisture to remain inside. Walls will also crack. This is due to the differential of the drying process. In other words the outer part of the wall is drying out faster than the inner part causing splits and cracks to appear.

Increasing the airflow through the property by using large fans or opening up the doors and windows will help speed the process.

FAR Infrared heaters radiate heat and will penetrate the fabric of the room making them very effective at drying out the walls faster than convectional drying methods.

As infrared heaters are not affected by airflow they can be very effective in drying out the walls and floors while allowing the room to be aired at the same time.

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